2019 Red Clay Festival

Saturday, May 4, 2019

All the events on Saturday (until the late night show at 10 pm) are in Brooks at Brooks Chapel and Hardy Hall which are directly behind the Brooks Library (958 Hwy 85 Connector, Brooks, GA 30205).


10-11:30  – Workshops

Workshop Choice:

• Basic Stagecraft for Spoken Word Performers – Adam Booth

• Ghost Stories – Cynthia

12:30-5:00 – Performances


7:00-9:00 – Evening Concert

• Featured Concert with Adam and Cynthia

• Special Guest: Mayor Dan Langford

Red Clay Risque

10:00-12:00 – Late Night Reality Show at Big Shots 

Friday, May 3, 2019

Chamber Lunch

11:00-1:30 – Business Workshop: Storycrafting 101

Basic Stagecraft for Spoken Word Performers

Hosted by: Adam Booth

So, you’ve got a great story. Now it’s time to get beneath the lights, behind the mic, and in front of a live audience. Are you ready? Adam Booth will tell you everything you need to know about basic stagecraft. That is, all the things about telling stories except the stories, including vocal warm-ups, taking the stage, mic usage, lighting, working with techs, working with emcees, emceeing, hecklers, and those pesky, unexpected noises/sounds/distractions. It’s a crash course to keep you from crashing on stage!

Workshop: Creating Original Ghost Stories

Led by teller Cynthia Rintye

It seems like most storytellers tell from the same small collection of scary stories. Wouldn’t it be great to have the tools to create something different? Learn the art of crafting unique, compelling, spooky narratives in this interactive and practical workshop. The workshop will feature basic scary story types; discussion of different forms of paranormal phenomena; numerous sources for story ideas; and how to perform a story to heighten the spooky.

Business Workshop : Storycrafting 101

What’s your story? More importantly, how can you effectively communicate your story to touch others and encourage them to take action? In a business environment, stories are used to inform, educate and inspire. This workshop will deliver the framework and process for crafting the right story that resonates with your audience, anticipates questions and effectively communicates your business’s message and mission.


Crafting strong stories is the key to telling better stories, thereby facilitating clearer communication. This is true whether presenting, training, or selling. The better crafted your story, the better your chances of delivering the right message to your audience and achieving your goals. Storycrafting is the process of crafting the right story, for the right audience, at the right time, every time. Storycrafting provides the foundation upon which to construct narratives that support both your purpose and the needs of your target audience and creates the best possible delivery system for your message: a story.

Time: 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM
Location: 600 West Lanier Avenue, Suite 205
Fees: $25 for Members & $35 for Non-Members

2019 Featured Tellers

Cynthia Rintye

Storyteller Cynthia Rintye has captivated audiences on the Lawrenceville Ghost Tours since 2005.  A longtime entertainer, she has performed sketch comedy and appeared in plays, musicals, and murder mysteries around Atlanta.  For 16 seasons, Cynthia worked with the Georgia Renaissance Festival where she was assistant entertainment director, scriptwriter, and portrayed the Queen. As a storyteller, her credits include Peach State Storytelling Festival, Stone Soup Storytelling Festival, Classic City Fringe Festival, and Spirits & Spirits: Ghost Stories for Adults at the Aurora Theatre. Cynthia first spoken-word album, Veil of Time: Ghost Stories from Atlanta, received a 2018 Storytelling World Award Honor.

Click here to learn more.

Adam Booth

Adam Booth’s original stories blend traditional mountain folklore, music, and an awareness of contemporary Appalachia. He has been featured at the International Storytelling Center, the National Storytelling Festival, the Appalachian Studies Association Conference, the National Storytelling Conference, the National Academy of Medicine, and has been a Spoken Word Resident at the Banff Centre (Alberta). He is a member of the Recording Academy and his recordings have received two Parents’ Choice Silver Honors and four Storytelling World Awards and Honors. He is a four-time champion of the West Virginia Liars’ Contest.


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Chetter Galloway

Animated! Engaging! Energetic! These are a few words to describe storyteller Chetter Galloway. The Virginia native is the youngest of ten children and remembers his father telling stories on road trips.

Chetter first experienced the power of storytelling at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation as a living history reenactor VA & honed his craft at East Tennessee State University’s Masters of Reading & Storytelling Program.

He is also a member of Kuumba Storytellers of Georgia, the Southern Order of Storytellers and the National Storytelling Network.

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Maddie Fay

Maddie Fay is an Atlanta-based storyteller, poet, and technician and designer for stage and film. She produces and hosts a live literary show, Then What, which originated at The Bakery Atlanta and which now has two monthly shows, one at The Bakery and one at Mother Bar. Maddie loves dirt, DIY, and her dog, and she is absolutely thrilled to be returning to Red Clay this summer.


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Debbie From

Debbie is a Mommy to three (four if you count her pup) and wife to one. She grew up listening to her favorite storytellers – Family! Today, she continues to be influenced by her roots and carries on the tradition by crafting personal tales while hopefully encouraging others to take the leap to share their stories.

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Anthony Vinson

Anthony Vinson is a freelance writer and performer. His stories reflect his upbringing as one of the last generations of free-range children. He believes he may be patient zero of the current ADHD epidemic, as evinced by comments memorialized in his elementary and high school report cards. His wife and kids think he’s funny, and that’s good enough for him.


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