Create Your Story.

Create Your Story.

We all crave stories. We share them over dinner with our family, drinks with friends, or during a walk with a loved one.

We honor the stories that our parents have shared about our relatives, about their lives, and how to live ours.

We create the stories of our lives and of our businesses. We remember the stories of the people and companies we admire.

We’ve even branded ourselves with the idea. #createyourstory. This idea that everyone’s story is worth telling and that we each control what our story is.

I started in a suburb of Rochester NY with a boisterous family of three brothers and made my way to Oberlin OH where I met this girl. And she brought me to Jonesborough Tennessee and introduced me to the world of professional storytelling which has led me down the path to the Moth and Carapace and reality storytelling.

We all instinctively recognize the power of storytelling. Storytelling lets us connect as people. We share in triumph and loss, celebrate love, cherish our children, and laugh at our foibles. We forget our differences of language or ability and of race and politics. We remember we are all just humans.

In Fayette County we tell stories that are seen by millions of people using futuristic technology. But they’re not that different than the stories we tell to our family around the dinner table.

Each of us has the power to tell our story to share our history and culture, to transmit knowledge, to teach, to entertain, or to spread our dreams for the future.

As a child my wife thought that elephants were red. Because that’s the color they are the Atlanta Zoo. Anyone from here recognizes that common experience of our landscape.

And just like that Red Clay permeates our landscape, it is our stories that do so with our lives. There is just one planet that we live in. And there are seven billion stories here.

Seven billion opportunities to connect, to share, to hope, to dream. Seven billion opportunities to laugh and to learn.

Seven billion opportunities to love.

Join us at the Red Clay Festival. Come #createyourstory. Come listen to ours.